Info + Terms of sale

Floor Auction Aurora 31 – Buyer’s premium 20% 


 Friday, 1 March 2023 at 2.00 pm CET

c/o Aurora S.p.a., Piazza Enriquez, Dogana (Repubblica di San Marino)

also live on the web site




€ 25 + optional insurance 1% of the invoice amount




€ 70 (includes the cost of the customs document T2) + optional insurance 1% of the invoice amount


€ 20 Post registered mail but NOT INSURED



SEPA bank transfer (Free)

SWIFT bank transfer (+ € 15)


CREDIT CARD BY (small commissions for Wise)


PAYPAL + 6% : - we accept paypal payment only if you select "no shipping address". Payments that arrive with the indicated shipping address will be rejected. (it is recommended to use with much lower commissions)




  • 1 Participants in the auction are required to comply with these conditions of sale, which they declare to accept without reservation.
  • 2 What is the object of the sale is owned by third parties, who guarantee its lawful origin. Aste Aurora S.p.a. acts exclusively as agent in the interest and name of each seller.
  • 3 What has been proposed has been carefully examined and considered authentic. The state of conservation indicated in the catalogue is the result of our personal experience and is formulated in a rigorous manner, in some well-specified cases only the opinion of conservation expressed by other estimators, such as NGC, PCGS or Numismatic Experts, which Aurora S.p.a. only reports for completeness of description.
  • 4 Complaints and returns will be accepted exclusively for non-authenticity (within 2 years of sale); no complaints will be taken into consideration regarding the state of preservation, any defects in the lots proposed, incorrect or incomplete cataloguing. It is the responsibility of the bidder or their appointee to verify “a priori” the objects for which they are competing; buyers therefore purchase with the formula of "seen and liked". For multiple lots, on the other hand, no claims are accepted as they have been viewed, described and sold summarily without any guarantee.
  • 5 The figure shown in the catalogue does not constitute an estimate but an auction basis, below which no bids are accepted. These bases, expressed in Euros, are formulated according to a prudential criterion. In order to have a good chance of winning the auction, we recommend that clients who intend to bid with a pre-auction offer exceed the auction base by a good margin. The bids are at the auctioneer's discretion. In the case of bids of the same value, the lot will be awarded to the first registered bidder. Multiple bids: first bid Euro 600, second bid Euro 800. The lot will be awarded to the second bid, at Euro 620 (€ 600 + the shot).
  • 6 The "Cut Bid", that is a half-click offer, is accepted by all users in the pre-auction, while during the auction it is accepted only by participants in the room or on the phone. The participant who offers a cut bid can no longer raise on the same lot, therefore the cut bid represents his last bid for the lot in question.
  • 7 Auction fees of 20% must be added to the hammer price.
  • 8 The proposed lots will be visible, by appointment, at the Aste Aurora S.p.a. headquarters in the days preceding the auction. The purpose of viewing the material is to verify the state of conservation of the objects put up for auction and the presence and/or extent of any defects.
  • 9 You can participate in the auction by written bidding, by letter or e-mail, by telephone, via the internet at which also offers the possibility to participate live. Aste Aurora S.p.a. does not apply any surcharge for Live-Internet awards.
  • 10 The auction results will be available in real time on our website, however, the official information will be published a few days later, after checking and verifying the correctness of the data.
  • 11 Each purchaser is directly responsible for the purchases made and cannot claim to have acted on behalf of other persons or entities.
  • 12 Invoices must be paid upon receipt and in any case no later than 15 days after the invoice date, otherwise charges, interest on arrears and the file may be transferred to a debt collection company with related costs to be borne by the buyer. Buyers may collect the goods at our premises by paying cash (up to € 10,000), credit card or ATM payment (only on site, not via internet).
  • 13 For any dispute, the place of jurisdiction is San Marino and reference will be made to the Italian text.